Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ive been so busy I havent been able to blog much.... I just woke from this dream

My assistants father past away, nobody seems sad so dont worry the guy wasnt exactly well received, so ive been assitant less for the past few days, which if Im gonna be without an assistant its a good time for me to be assistant less as its the slowest time of the year, even though sales have been awesome because of the jeans and the fact that I advertise in Europe more.
but... I just woke up from this dream... What do you make of it ?
I was watching the news, the BBC, and this British magician was trying to do this stunt where he escaped the coils of his pet albino python (which had a name but I cant remember but i soo wish i did as its probably imperative), while tied up and laying down, surrounded by blue flames. What the magician didnt anticipate was that the snake would coil only, and so quickly, around his head, so he couldnt get free, he tried rolling into the flames to release the snake but it didnt work fast enough and he ended up surviving but is now retarded from the brain damage.

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gavin said...

Maybe it's an allegory for your fears about bondage and discipline.

You want to be bound, taken prisoner, suffocated and tortured to the edge, but it always carries a REAL RISK of getting hurt or even DYING.

The python would DEFINITELY be a phallic symbol! LOL