Monday, August 15, 2011

New limited edition Slick It Up New York City T shirt.

So I always thought THAT New York City T-shirt you see in the tourist shops in times Square was actually pretty hot with the neon splatter all over it... SO I thought thought why not buy a bunch of the actual shirts and screen the Slick It Up head logo over it for this cool double layer NYC/SIU SEX FASHION MOMENT... The shirt comes with sleeves, if you want it sleeveless just cut them off like we did :)
Available in Small, Medium, Large. Pick one up at SLICK IT UP now at a discount using coupon code "houseofvader"

1 comment:

gavin said...

That's hot.

But I would rather the lettering say "SLICK IT UP" instead of "NEW YORK CITY."

You'd have to go to more effort, but it would rock.

Feel free to do that without me suing you!