Friday, September 9, 2011

Daily Dudes


gavin said...

Are you going to be Destro for Halloween?

gavin said...

So how would you render Destro's chrome head for a Halloween costume?

A still mask or moveable mask parts like Klytus from FLASH GORDON?

There are Destro masks on the market, but they're all lame and fixed in one expression:

I would want the ability to articulate organic emotions like the character, but still convey that his head was molded from metal.

So I would probably opt for some latex prosthetics glued to the head like Kryten the mechanoid from RED DWARF:

Trouble is, I don't know how you would get the truly glossy sheen of chrome with latex or makeup.

gavin said...

Well, what do you know! Destro explains the origin of his mask (a version of this was also in the live action film):

What they did in the movie is much like Kryten. And I suppose that makeup over the latex is glossy enough to look metallic:

David Mason said...

Im going as Cobra Commander not destro, i never liked the silver head, it always just seemed kinda dumb to me, simply because how would it work ?

gavin said...

The movie has some elaborate explanation for Destro's metallic head in this clip:

Destro's human face got burned up in the film, so Cobra Commander (played by Joseph Gordon Levitt) gives him medical attention. He injects Destro's skin with what he calls "Nanomytes, perfect little healers."

Then Destro's face becomes metallic. So the movie is saying that Destro's head is artificially infused with liquid metal that healed his wounds which incidentally carries on Destro's family tradition of wearing torture dungeon masks since Medieval times.

I'm sure you will rock the Cobra Commander look and I can't wait to see what you do with it.

But Destro would be hotter because he's wearing the black, skin-tight slickwear (supposedly leather?). Also, Destro wears it open-chested, with his big, ruby guido medallion dangling over his giant, rock-hard pecs and abs exposed to the world.

You have a body that could actually fill Destro out! You would make it so hot.

I wish I lived in NYC so I could hook you up with some latex mask-makers and dress you up.

My dick would be so hard the entire time!