Thursday, September 1, 2011

I have the answer to the high cost of pre schools, college, diapers, clothes !!!

Preface : I woke up and wrote this at like 7:30 a.m.... sometimes I wake up angry...:) Its good for me to vent EARLY in the morning before I have to deal with the world, then its all free and clear and I can smile at people. Otherwise I could carry it around with me so realize I realize this is harsh but its more like a morning purging of venom then a command, though I write it like its a command.

Its the time of year where all you hear about is the high cost of child care... DEAR COMPLAINING STRAIGHT PEOPLE.... How about you THINK before you stick your dick in a hole?! Gay guys, some of them, have been doing it since 1983! I dont want to hear your ENDLESS BITCHING about how expensive it is to raise a child! It wasnt dropped off by a stork. Either ABORT or use protection, this is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. I WISH we could all live in a world where we didnt have to think before having sex. Unfortunately we ALL DO. So please stop telling me its expensive or im going to start pointing and laughing and saying "Ha Ha sucks to be straight" as I walk by you with shopping bags and tickets to flights in exotic chic locations.
Why does it frustrate me? I'll tell you. Because as a gay guy I have to be HYPER aware of every time I have sex and I RESENT IT. So when I hear these straight people bitching about the cost of "blah, blah, and blah" (and thats what it sounds like to me every time a straight person opens their mouth, like the teacher from Peanuts) I think "DID YOU NOT THINK BEFORE YOU STUCK YOUR DICK IN THAT HOLE?!" Aids is scary enough... Imagine if you had to worry that 9 months after sticking your dick in, or having a dick stuck in your hole, that an ALIEN COVERED IN BLOOD AND BODY PARTS would coming TEARING THROUGH YOUR HOLE, that you will have to PAY FOR for 18 years?!?! FUCK AIDS... THAT is a FUCKING NIGHTMARE?!
So its hard to for me to have sympathy, because I would LOVE to just randomly have bareback sex with NO CONSEQUENCE like SOME straight people, and gay, seem to think is just a right. So please straight people... consider a condom because you veto your right to complain when you choose not to abort or use protection. You cant have your cake and eat it too. Having a child costs MORE then BUYING A LAMBORGHINI?! It is FAR FROM FREE. Just because it gets MADE ON THE CHEAP, it doesnt mean its free. If you had to pay for a childs expenses up front NOBODY would have one. I cant imagine that most people realize this when they decide to not abort. NOBODY complains about not having a Lamborghini because they OBVIOUSLY could never afford one, BUT having a child is THE ULTIMATE LUXURY ITEM. If you havent got 250,000 to spare... DONT HAVE A KID.
ps I also think people who do not have children should not have to pay school taxes!


Sue said...

As a straight person who decided never to have kids, for many reasons, I agree with you for the most part.

Most straights think it is their "right" to bear children and don't consider the costs at all. And maybe they have a point. But how many children and at what age should they have them? We wouldn't want our society to resemble China.

I gladly pay taxes for schools because it keeps the little brats out of my hair and I believe in education.

ger said...

I'm with Sue on school taxes, but that's probably because I'm a pinko Canadian

David Mason said...

I agree but I feel like if people who only had children had to pay school taxes then there would be a lot less children!

Joel said...

I'm a 52 yo Poz GWM. Going to high school in the '70s EVERYONE, straight and gay, was fuckin like proverbial bunnies but nobody got pregnant. Any caring mom had her little girl on the pill by her 15th birthday. Any pesky std could be taken care for free at the local health dept. Now I work with lots of teenagers, kids who were born AFTER AIDS came along and they do nothing but get knocked up. So much for so called sex education in the last 25 years.

Tony Eats Puppies said...

Dave, honestly, when was the last time you "listened" or even feigned "listening" to heterosexual people? I find this post unrealistic at best.

David Mason said...

lol Tony youre so right!!