Sunday, September 18, 2011

Im not ignoring you Im just super busy....

ps. The clothes in the photo are worn strictly for sexual purposes... I cant pull off an NFL hat in reality. I mean, I COULD but Id feel like a poseur... BUT gays you need to know theres nothing different about a straight guy pulling this stunt and a gay guy pulling this stunt. Dont think theyre being any more "real" YES they may ACTUALLY be interested in football, but dont be fooled its STILL a LOOK and they know it.. You ARE allowed to be a "dude" and wear it if you want, it just takes the balls to do it. Im fully comfortable in a Yankees hat, as I AM a native New Yorker and its my right, but a football hat.?.. gurl youre pushin it.... save it for bedroom antics, or halloween... or bed room antics on Halloween. The pic below was taken on Halloween with my rican sex date that lasted about a year and a half... I was as big as a house on the mones, and got pounded relentlessly... aww the good old days..

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Canuck RJ said...

hey David I think you can totally pull off the football look. in fact in the first pic you look like you could easily kick the ass of anyone who called you a poseur. would love to see more of the football look on you and in slick it up merchandise :P
cheers Randall