Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mugler + Amanda Lear = Me doing backflips from my bed where I was watching this on my iphone to try and post it ASAP!

Amanda Lear makes me happy. Thank god they added the chinese lady CROONING because otherwise I wouldnt have picked up that this was an oriental fantasy. The subtlety of the "chinese eye" painted on, CHOPSTICK BRIK-A-BRACK WIG SHOW... GONG, and dragon lady nails just wasnt enough.
p.s Leg knife holsters must be the hot accessory of fall 2011 because no more then 24 hours ago I bought one online... for my halloween costume. Which Im not telling you what it is but its not creative this year. this year Im going for realness and the theme is "Military, fantasy, 80s, super villain" aka Tuesday.


gavin said...

I'd love to see you as a homoerotic Cobra Commander!

Or Flint.

Stanimal5 said...

Cobra Commander was my first thought too...The right silver hood could make a hot Destro as well.