Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cobra Commander and the Baroness are FIERCE

Im going to be Cobra Commander for Halloween. My friends are going to be The Baroness and Major Bludd as well. Im practicing my Cobra Commander Voice while watching this clip. Im sure the neighbors already think im bonkers but now they do for sure if they hear me endlessly repeating "Its not CARAMEL its BUTTERSCOTCH... This is DISGUSTING!" ....
"The Games Master" them is a cartoon classic, every cartoon does it in one way or another and its usually my favorite episode of the series because theyre always more creative and require the good guys to side with the bad guys which in turn recognizes the fact the bad guys, who I always related to, are just as good as the good guys.
I will of course take pics. I just tried on my costume last night, its pretty dead on except TIGHTER.


Stanimal5 said...

What's he saying at 2:13? Something about a real homo?

gavin said...

Wow, I definitely don't remember the Candyland episode!

Baroness to Flint: "If you get Lady Jaye out first, you might double-team me! If I get the Commander out first, we will definitely jump YOU!"

They should have gone with that.

And yes, that fat, mentally handicapped man called Flint a HOMO!