Monday, October 17, 2011

I wrote the assistant principal.. if youre in the mood do the same !

This is lifted from Unicorn Booty

It’s bad enough that gay teens are forced to endure ridicule from their classmates. They don’t need teachers chiming in against them, to boot.
Flagler Palm Coast High School Freshman Luke Herbert unfortunately has been on the receiving end of a teacher’s mad-on for the gay student.
“He stood in front of the class and said ‘you can’t put Mountain Dew or Pepsi in the same fridge or they’ll turn gay.’ He [also] came over to me, and I was like ‘hi.’ He said hi, like he was imitating me or mocking me,” the 15-year-old told Florida’s News 13.
Herbert’s mother, Doreen Davenport, complained to the school multiple times before being promised that her son would be switched to another class (Even though it’s the homophobic teacher who is the problem in this classroom.), but that has yet to happen. Davenport says she worried about his safety every day.
Boo! This sucks. It blows our minds to hear teachers harassing any student for any reason whatsoever to begin with. That a teach would pick on a gay student during a time of highly publicized gay suicides and discrimination leading to lawsuits against schools just straight up baffles.
Hang in there Luke! For what it’s worth, you’re a total babe.

I wrote : The publicity your school is receiving is very unfortunate. Im seriously hoping what I read about your hateful and homophobic teacher was inaccurate. I am sickened by what I read and that the student would be moved, and not the teacher terminated or suspended. Its a repugnant and deeply ignorant display by this teacher who, judging by his actions, if they are accurate, is most likely a closeted homosexual himself being that most of the time someone making hateful anti gay comments is just a self hating homosexual themselves.
Im sorry that you have to deal with this. Its very unfortunate for your school and understand the humiliation it must cause. I hope the best for your school to make a turn around.

I sympathized, then made it seem obvious that this is negative behavior, then planted seeds of doubt about the teacher... who actually probably is gay. Every faggot teacher I had was a self loathing queen who was MARRIED. I realize they kinda had to be in that day and age in the school system, but it doesnt call for being anti gay but ... ewww the whole thing is creepy. That said I was hateful to my one gay ( but not out) teacher that wasnt married but thats because I was a closeted homosexual, in seventh grade, and my home room teacher basically TOLD ME TO BE A DICK TO HIM. All that shit is so fucked up... People need to start realizing that when they have a kid thats 4 years old and hes seems gay, its because he IS GAY. Gay doesnt just sprout up once youre 18. I was gay from like 3 on. If parents were just like "hes gay" life would have been different. I cant say easier because of the time I was in, but it would have been different. Nobody even talks about children being gay at like 4 but its sooo true and your parents knew it! Theyre just not about to say anything....

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gavin said...

I was thinking the teacher could be gay, too.

My high school had the nelliest, queeniest, bitchiest choir director whom I'd have to work with during the big musicals.

He/she always singled out the fags for whatever effeminate behavior we were doing.

He was probably trying to get dates ...