Friday, October 14, 2011

My taxidermy collection was the fastest sell out ever on ! yay!

Who knows maybe people wont follow through and you can still pick something up HERE

oh, it turns out that although every item was reserved several times, nobody bought the waterbuck yet. Which is actually a great piece they just photographed it super shitty...


Art-Art said...

Hi David, I'm loving your stuff that I saw on and unfortunately I missed that Kudu before it sold. If it doesn't come through, will you get me a shout, I'll take it.


Art-Art said...

Hi David,
I unfortunately missed Kudu this morning on if it doesn't come through please contact me, i'll buy it



David Mason said...

Well due to the success of the sale I think I will do another sale in December or January so I can sell another Kudu for you to get a chance to buy :)

3030vision said...

Hi there,
Wasn't there some kind of horned boar on Could you remind me what it was exactly?