Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Shelley Duvall is better then everyone.

I very specifically remember my mother renting me Faerie Tale theatre from the library. Some of them were mega amazing. They had Liza and Joan Collins and Mick Jagger... Shelley was mega connected.
My friend later found the entire dvd collection abandoned in an alley way in West Hollywood. Now theyre in my loving home.
Play both clips at the same time if you want to experience the highest form of art ever and now have an excuse to never have to go to another shitty museum of modern art again because youve seen the best there is and can move on.


gavin said...

I feel SO sorry for her, now that she's lost her career, mind and everything.

She was in so many quintessential films from my childhood.

It's hard to watch clips from THE SHINING, knowing how that kind of terror is probably playing in her mind 24-7 now.

`Steve Sakk said...

I love Faerie Tale Theatre! I have the entire collection on dvd as well. Reminds me of some happy times when I was a kid, I would make a nest of pillows in my parents living room and watch that show for hours...