Sunday, November 27, 2011

When I live in a castle I will let the serfs inside the gates but ONLY to dance to Bette Davis Eyes!

Bette Davis Eyes is not ONE OF my favorite songs but my ACTUAL FAVORITE SONG. Like its NUMBER ONE to me. SO when I clicked on this link and saw it wasnt Kimmy Carnes I was ready to rip it apart BUT.. I dunno WHO this lady is or WHERE she is, Prague maybe?, but shes FIERCE. Shes giving it to us! Thank you for keeping it real Eastern European lady of copper hair, SINGULAR dangly earring and 1980s timeline! Preach the message to your VILLAGERS!!! Dance peasants DANCE!


Holly said...

I actually looked up the lyrics b/c I thought the copper haired Sheena wannabe got it wrong, but apparently I have been the one singing in wrong all of these year. "Greta Garbo, stand aside" indeed.

By the way, I just got back from Barcelona and saw your unicorn picture at a shoe store!

David Mason said...

Ha! No way! :)

Andrew Trembley said...

Well, the caption is in German, so...

It's East Germany, at Moritzburg Castle's courtyard in Halle. Burgparty (Castle Party) was a East German music show. I could be mistaken, but I think this was from the last Burgparty. Its run ended in 1982.

Tamara Danz was the lead singer of Familie Silly. She had a fabulous voice for "Bette Davis Eyes" but I've never heard anything else she's recorded. Apparently the band ran for over a decade in East Germany and then in unified Germany.

gavin said...

RE: Andrew Trembley

Why am I not surprised that Germans read this blog?

gavin said...

What is your favorite "Bette Davis Eyes" parody?

"Marty Feldman Eyes?"

"Jimmy Durante Nose?"

"Colonel Sanders Thighs?"

"Lou Ferrigno Thighs?"

I remember Dr. Demento having many songs to choose from.

Lawrence said...

In Bette Davis' book,"This N That" she wrote that while on location on her last film she contacted Kim Carnes to get some Bette Davis Eyes concert T-shirts to give to the cast & crew...I'm sure that those T-shirts are cherished by those lucky enough to have recieved them.

Mathieu said...

I often wonder how these videos end up on YouTube - and wonder if it's because someone in the clip is in it and uploaded because it was one of the highlights of their lives.

I spent a Saturday night in Prague once and went to their one gay night (it WAS the dead of winter) where they played all the 80's American and UK pop music that the Eastern Bloc had ripped off, as they could ignore the rights. I knew all songs but not their Czech versions! This reminds me of that.