Thursday, November 24, 2011

Creature thats more fierce then YOU of the day: Uriel yekutiel and Eliad Cohen

Ok YES The mega hot dude in the videos, Eliad Cohen, is a TOTAL GAGGER. We are all in agreement. Hes a MEGA HOT PIECE OF TWAT and I think hes great cause hes not a "model", but a THOUSAND TIMES more appealing. I think its a MISTAKE when people use male fashion models to sell things to men. Thats why you never seen a traditional "FASHION MODEL" on Slick It Up. Models are ladies and I dont wanna be/fuck a lady. You may be surprised, but I have never wanted to be a woman. Even when I do runway Im not thinking "woman" Im thinking "mega fierce creature THING that I am on the inside" MAYBE a LADY-ISH THING, but not a female. I always thought they seemed weak and unappealing. I know its not true but when I see a womans body, especially her back, I feel like your fingers could just sink into like a rotisserie chicken. Now you could say "What about Grace?" and my reply would be GRACE IS NOT A LADY, shes PURPLE, and neither is BRIGITTE. Phallic women DONT COUNT. Phallic women are like THE BEST OF BOTH GENDERS.. I digress, anyways when you think of the term "Fashion Model" its actually WAY NOT HOT for dude. Its a boner kill. I do NOT wanna suck a "fashion models" dick. Neither straight men or gay men wanna fuck/be a male model if given the option of fucking/being Eliad Cohen.... BUT!
...After seeing these videos the one Im interested in knowing is Uriel. Yes, again, Eliad is hot BUT honestly if you said you have to hang out with one for a night, no sex, I would TOTALLY choose Uriel. Hes also TOTALLY CUTE. Its hard to say HOT because its hard to get past all of all the make up BUT he actually IS HOT. Like if we didnt know that she's a SHE, just like YOU and ME, and we just saw him with no make up sitting in a muscle car we'd wanna fuck her. In fact I still wanna fuck her, I think. Shes fierce. Yes I like hanging out with hot dudes BUT I must say my closest friends arent the sexy ones. My closest friends are the weirdos, the ones I relate to and make me laugh. Theyre the ones I really appreciate on a deep level, not just a surface level like a hot guy. Now dont get me wrong Eliad seems totally sweet and Id TOTALLY book him to model Slick It Up but I would ALSO TOTALLY book Uriel. Uriel has depth. Id like to see him give "dude". Like actually go for and try and "pass". I mean If you were to photograph the two of them, headshots with no make up, id say both were equally cute. Yes Eliad has body-oddy-oddy but there is something to be said for "mignon" and funny, because funny doesnt just mean funny, it means SMART. If you can laugh with someone it means there is deeper understanding between the two of you and that is attractive and much harder to find then nice pecs. To have the nerve to play a lady requires BALLS. It also requires balls on Eliads part to be so cool about hanging with the tranny because often those dudes are terrified cunts and wont. Which is why I often make the conscious effort to do so. Not that they need me, but I like to back up a tranny because I AM a tranny. I dont look like one, too much, but I am a tranny... Im certainly one OF THE MIND and I do DABBLE IN THE HORMONAL ARTS, so Im a tranny.
If youve read anything I've ever written about gender / sexuality/ steroids you know that I think if you take hormones, whether its steroids or estrogen youre still a tranny, male to male, male to female, it doesnt matter a tranny is a tranny and thats why I like these two together. THEYRE BOTH TRANNIES BACKING EACH OTHER UP.... Like a phallic woman THEYRE THE BEST OF BOTH GENDERS!?! Hurray I like this.. peace in the middle east.
I quote Paris Is Burning "Get into them. Get into boaf of dem, and see which one is reela!"

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gavin said...

"Neither straight men or gay men wanna fuck/be a male model if given the option of fucking/being Eliad Cohen."

Woah, speak for yourself!

I'll take a Francisco Lachowski, Baptiste Giabiconi or Marlon Texeira over this guy, ANY DAY!

That said, Cohen has more "top appeal" than waifish, male runway models.

Hotness comes in more than one flavor.