Thursday, November 24, 2011

New Versace HM ad with digitally added smile at the end???

Donatella earns mega bonus points for super villain realness for having to pay large sums of money to a digital artist to make it appear as though shes capable of smiling. I mean THAT is WEALTHY WHITE LADY REALNESS?! Shes so rich she can pay people to digitally alter her image to appear as though shes interested at smiling at the GENERAL PUBLIC but doesnt have to COMPROMISE HER INTEGRITY and ACTUALLY DO IT?! That would be degrading. My friend worked with her a few times and said that one time one of the biggest buyers of Versace was in the showroom with her kid and Donatella was there and the lady asked if she could get Donatellas autograph for the kid and her response, without looking up, was "Im not in the mood." That said everyone I know whos worked with her says shes actually very nice and a pleasure to work with, just "special".
Now look closely at the very end of this commercial. I SWEAR that smile she does at the end is the "liquify" tool on photoshop! Seriously, I bet she cant smile like that OR she had to say her line, TAKE A DRAG from her cigarette, then be reminded to smile, and smiled and they just chopped it together, but my guess is that entire expression is slapped on with CYBER PAINT! Theres some kind of DIABOLICAL DIGITIZATION going on! Maybe it was to smooth wrinkles?? I dunno but ITS NOT GETTING PAST ME!
I like this new ad, its creative and fun and a little sexy and inventive. Not what I would expect for Versace... and yes the tiny little part of me that is a feminist, PAH yes there is a tiny part of me that is a feminist as I was raised by women, initially thinks blonde slave dolls arent great for girls BUT.. you also have to realize the person in charge, the "sadist", that makes them dance is a blonde former slave doll. So on another level its also empowering. Who doesnt like armies of blonde models?! I was actually surprised at how young the model was because when I think Versace I think WOMAN but HM is for GIRLS so it makes. My initial reaction was "Why are there little girls in womens clothes?" though. Twelve years ago my mother said Donatella looks more like a white version of Whoopi Goldberg... My mom had foresight.

ps.. My friend who is a major creative director for huge commercials just saw this post and swears its digitally altered too and he has people digitally altered all the time so hes an authority, not just some tranny that wont be had like me!

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gavin said...

LOVE the ad!

Speaking of Donatella Versace:

Malibu Eric said...

Donatella is such a Cheshire Cat Robot, you just have to lover her. Love the ad and it has one of my favorite male models of the moment, River Viiperi, pouting at the end.

Man-uel said...

Donnatella Versace had to get a digitalized smile NOT because of her lack of interest in the general public that can only afford H&M, but because she has had so much Botox injected into her mega super bronzed face!!! The large amounts of Botox in combination with the high levels of ultraviolet radiation from tanning, has completely paralyzed her entire face to the point that she no longer can express her feelings though movement of facial muscles. Horray for digitalization technology!!!

Man-uel said...

I still love her, she is so fierce! Versace and Slick It Up should team up to make a super hot fetish line for the name-brand whores... lol