Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nobody remembers the hard proof of Eddie Murphy being into trannies... I DO!!!

He got arrested for it even!
From the Fab Life on vh1 :
On May 2, 1997 Sheriff’s deputies in West Hollywood pulled over a Land Cruiser driven by Eddie Murphy after they observed a known pre-op transsexual prostitute get inside. In case you’re wondering “pre-op transsexual” is the fancy medical term they use for “chicks with dicks.”

The incident occurred at 4:45 AM near the corner of Santa Monica Blvd. and Formosa Ave., an area popular with homosexual prostitutes and their johns, but Eddie tried to explain it all away with some story about insomnia and a desire to help streetwalkers. Having trouble sleeping, he drove to a newsstand to get something to read (later confirmed) before picking up a “Hawaiian-looking woman” and offering her a ride home.

The “woman,” Atisone Seuli, 20, told a slightly different story. Murphy, she said, offered her $200, confirmed she was a transsexual, and inquired about lingerie modeling and what kind of sex she liked. As it turns out, Eddie’s wife and kids were out of town at the time.

Seuli was arrested for outstanding warrants, but Murphy was released after cops determined he’d done nothing illegal. Soon enough though, other transvestites materialized claiming to have had relations with Murphy, including one named Diamond who appeared on The Howard Stern Show.

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