Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Bergdorfs Christmas windows are nice of course

The most impressive to me was the all paper window. All the animals were made of paper, even the black and white printed images of the animals, such as the snake, were raised and three dimensional. They were'nt particularly seasonal which Im fine with but I was surprised at how UN Christmassy they were. In fact there was nothing Christmassy at all besides the concept of "sparkle" which was also done in a very reserved way. I like that the polar bear was a BAKER... but I dont know why he was a baker. Was it a reference to the shrinking artic, "The polar bears are baking" ??? No, but if they were smart it was.


Sue said...

It seems that taxidermied animals are very big this season. I see them everywhere in the city when I am there! I am not at all surprised that Bergdorfs has them!

Mathieu said...

San Francisco is so DRAB! I miss NY for precisely this.