Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dance Fever was HOT!

I used to love Dance Fever, was it on before the Love Boat? I cant remember. Everything at that age is a blur. Apparently the first time I ever saw a gay guy, he was wearing a turquoise jumpsuit on the beach, I POINTED and EXCLAIMED to my mother "Look mom! Dance Fever!" ... the rest is history.

White people need to adopt black children more often because its clearly beneficial to both parties!


Sue said...

His name was Deney Terrio and he was cute, but oily looking! Apparently he taught John Travolta how to dance for Saturday Night Fever. I had a small crush on him!


Leatherpigboy said...

If the Men on Dancing with the stars would wear outfits like this i might watch LOL!

brando said...

I was scared for that first couple! The woman's head came dangerously close to slamming up against the floor, haha, on multiple occasions but it was great.

And as far as the young couple after, I HATE sexually suggestive moves with kids. He throws his head in her breast and wiggles it around, ughh! They have their whole adult life to be as nasty as they wanna be, I hate seeing it at that age. It's gross.

jaxy said...

Deney Terrio later sued Merv Griffin (the show's producer) for sexual harassment...easy to believe it really happened, given the reputation of that big closeted queen Merv.