Sunday, December 25, 2011

Francois Sagat is Swedish...

The French accent is a "put on" to be fancy. Shes like Michael Jackson in REVERSE, she hates being Uber white, and poses as "ethnic exotic". ... She also took this picture in my kitchen and never mentioned it, and I only noticed it when she posted this in the facebook Slick It Up Fan Group. This means she SECRETLY TRAVELS WITH WIGS, this is also why shes my friend.
Get the T-shirt at SLICK IT UP NOW:)Ive always thought Francois was a CAT in a past life and this PROVES IT. This is something a cat would TOTALLY do. Silently put on a wig, take a picture by herself, act as though it never happened, keep it to herself, and then share it on Christmas. If thats not something a cat would do I dont know what is.

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