Monday, December 5, 2011

I am bidding on Elizabeth Taylors MAGICAL CRYSTALS!

You MAY remember if you follow the blog that I have been looking for amethyst crystals but I cant find any because its hard to get them right. They come off as tacky REAL QUICK which is unfortunate being that theyre TOTALLY AWESOME. I mean theyre purple spikey crystals from inside a rock?!... basically MAGIC!!!! My friend SWEARS that they bring him good energy and has been telling me to find the right one... well I was PERUSING Liz Taylors auction and she has some available. LIZ TAYLORS AMETHYST CRYSTALS WOULD NOT BE TACKY. So Im willing to PAY. If I win, which I probably wont cause im not rich, I will be TRANCE CHANNELING her every night! Im POSITIVE that with these crystals I could have a better connection to Despina, moon of Neptune and current dimensional plane of Liz, better then my current plan with At&T so whats to lose?!
I really expect that if I win Liz and I are gonna be BEST FRIENDS. I like to imagine that she will appear at my bedside and take a load off her feet, sit on the corner of my bed and tell me all about the distant future and ancient past because on her plane its all the same... Im SO EXCITED.
My friend George who is a PSYCHIC WITCH thinks that transcendental supernatural Liz looks like GOZER THE GOZARIAN dressed as CLEOPATRA...HOLY SHIT I CANNOT WAIT... this rock is worth every penny I just know it!!!!!

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Mr. Hatfield said...

you ever contact that guy I referred you from the Tucson Gem and Mineral show? Want me to send you the info again?