Monday, December 5, 2011

Im back from Art Basel in Miami...

Art Basel was cute. I was invited to come down there by Boffo which is an arts group to do a Slick It Up live photo shoot. It went well I think despite it raining on the shoot at first and then the seamless blowing over ON THE MODEL when the wind picked up?! The models were a little "green" and they wanted a show and I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN so I was prepared and donned the purple get up and did the dog and pony and purple unicorn show. We got some cute shots out of it and the people seemed to be entertained so thats good.

Miami is funny. If Miami was a lady shed sorta look like Mariah Carey. It's slightly past it's prime and really likes it's spandex and sparkles..the styling concept is somehow to "OUT SLUT" the aging process. Add more sparkles, show more cleavage, only wear all distracts from inevitable aging.
That town is such a SKANK! Both men and women are dripping in plastic stones, tan competitively, and KINDA SORTA USETA be a MODEL.... I LOVE IT. I couldnt live there but its fun as a weekend. The streets are crawling with OLD COUPLES and EURO TRASH and SCARY HAITIAN DRUG DEALERS who get more then uncomfortably close and offer "Lindsay LOHAN". I said I wanted IKE AND TINA..... THE HARD SHIT! We didnt wanna die so we were happy when a pack of ladies walked by in the Miami dress code standard of HEAD BAND AS DRESS and the dealers were distracted... Sorry ladies SEE YA LATER! BEST OF LUCK!! Hope you packed your mace!... Oh thank god the shoes I just bought didnt get stolen!
I actually did some good shopping down there and bought a bootleg t-shirt in one of the tourist shops that just says HELMUT NEWTON on it. Who bootlegs a HELMUT NEWTON T-shirt ?! Better yet WHO IN MIAMI BUYS ONE ?! They were up on a hanger by the rafters and they had to get a HOOK to get it down but by golly I got my Helmut Newton shirt! I also picked up the new Margiella high tops in the design district which is SO QUIET?! The design district felt like a set. It was a CALM and PLEASANT experience. I also got a Jeremy Scott, ugh I know, sweater with a GROSS LUREX Rolls Royce grill on it! I couldnt resist, I appreciate a skanky "luxury" joke. Like if I could pull of Versace gold brocade leggings I'd do it, but I cant so I'll leave it to Miami.

Ps Both of these pics were snapped with someone iphone. The photographer of the live shoot was Alexander Heira and he could not have been sweeter, what a doll?! His pics I'll post later :)

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Erik said...

I know the term "always leave them wanting more" but I still resent the fact that your sexy butt was cropped out of that photo. ;)