Saturday, December 24, 2011

Jeremy Scott Spring Summer collection 2012

Ok its not the new Jeremy Scott collection, but if it was this would be the smartest fashion collection ever and put him back in the forefront... just sayin. Maybe I should just STEAL MY OWN IDEA and do this EXACT SAME THING with kids, all in slick it up. Same thing, shot for shot, OR wait NO?! USE THIS FOOTAGE and shoot similar looking footage of someone in Slick It Up gear, like the candy sling, and have them doing similar stuff, interacting with the current shots etc, drinking cocktails with dry ice in them, SHOWERING in the CASH as the girl makes it rain on them...and just re-edit this clip with the new footage spliced in. Nobody would get it except the "high fashion/art" crowd but I dont think aiming "high" is a bad thing..
Im totally pitching this to Marco Ovando as a concept right now!




James said...

This show, "Young Talent Time", is being revived this year in Australia. I'm sure it won't be the same though.

Gregor Laird said...

You didn't mention this is a young Dannii Minogue!