Sunday, December 11, 2011

Karl spent a lot of dough on his pre-fall collection but I have a question...

I appreciate Karl Lagerfeld. I really do, I think hes funny, and important, and clever, BUT I think he should stop doing Chanel for a bit. Hes fantastic at so much other stuff and hes not making anything new in the clothing department. Maybe hes told not to? Maybe the Chanel customer doesnt want change.. Which is probably true, but the Soap Opera he did was SO AMAZING Why doesnt he just make films now or something because I feel like I or any of my friends could close our eyes and imagine what an "Indian inspired" Chanel Prefall collection would look like and we'd all come up with this.. Also the second thing that comes to mind is why are the models not walking on top of the table over on the right because cant the buyers NOT SEE the models from below the waist because of the table blocking them? Maybe its vulgar to walk on the table?? Im open to hearing their reason, I mean im not SOLD on the table walking BUT it would solve the not being to see the shoes thing???

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