Wednesday, December 21, 2011

THAT commercial!

I remember hearing about this commercial in the mid/later 90s when I was at Cal Arts and Tarseem, who directed it and Immortals more recently, came to CalArts to speak and I DIDNT bother to go meet him because all he was famous for was that REM video for loosing my religion which I never liked so I didnt bother and now I regret it because I was an idiot and he was a talent. Francois found the commercial online, of course. I think its still good. It also cracks me up that the car is called a super model when its a BRICK, its sorta endearing. Like when you see a girl trying to walk in heels that are too high for her in the meat packing district and you know shes having a very hard time but wants to be a big girl now so you pretend you didnt see her grab on to the fire hydrant for support because you know youve been there too.

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gavin said...

Wow, that commercial is highly influenced by Fritz Lang's METROPOLIS.

Too bad it came three years after David Fincher's video for Madonna's "Express Yourself."

I love Tarsem Singh's visuals, but it's apparent to me now that visuals are all he's good for.

He is not a good picker/writer of scripts. THE CELL is his only movie that does story and action well.