Wednesday, December 21, 2011

You know whats interesting???

Crystal meth is a plague that gets into everything. The only time we have whack jobs TRYING IT with Slick It Up is when you have these people doing METHED OUT TRYORY and ordering like multiple orders of thousand dollar plus orders. You wouldnt think its common but IT IS and its ANNOYING and you can spook it from a mile away. They happen at like 2:30 in the morning and when you write them saying that the order has been cancelled by the credit card processing agent they FLIP OUT and write CRAZY WHACKED OUT letters that make no sense like when KAREN MULDER threatened the life of her plastic surgeon and said things like " You will be judged by the CHRIST ANTI CHRIST" just because she made the mistake of getting a nose job AFTER she was already a GLOBAL SUPER MODEL... Unfortunately these people are not Karen Mulder or itd be fierce and not a sad gay plague.

From the London Evening Standard:The surgeon reportedly told police she was "extremely scared" and that Mulder had been harassing her for "several months" because she refused to administer further Botox injections in her face.

The calls, in which Mulder allegedly screamed and shouted, were described as "vicious" and "extremely threatening".

Afterwards a police source said Mulder had admitted threatening the surgeon because "she could no longer bear the sight of her face in the mirror at night".

Mulder was also reported to have sent menacing text messages to the doctor including

Fancois Sagat is responsible for her getting a nose job. He told her to get it.

ps. What inspired me to write this was this morning a crazy person tried it again and when the risk department at the credit card processing agent cancelled it because he clearly was a tweaked out thief he sent about ten kookoo messages with the last one QUOTING HITLER .... Rad, I love it when a crack pot delivers..... FROM THE SAFETY OF MY OWN HOME mind you!

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I imagine the guy placing the first order while singing "I just wanna do meth with somebody... with somebody who loooooves meeeee... hooo-whooooo!"