Monday, January 9, 2012

A 2 a.m letter....

Phil, my assistant woke up to a nasty letter this morning regarding my friend and SLICK IT UP model Francois Sagat. I would normally just delete a hateful letter as who cares about some RANDOM TWATS tweaked out jealous rant because as we know "haters gonna hate", BUT I was so proud of Phils FIERCELY CALM READ that I thought I would share it with you. Phil mind you is very quiet, calm, half Native American, if that paints any kind of picture for you. Hes very much a silent type but I feel as though working here and being around me in close quarters Im rubbing off on him in subtle ways and hes really picked up not standing for tryory and reading a twat in the proper, clear, concise, not so reactive, and honest manner.
The guys tweaky 2 a.m letter is below with Phils response below that:

Random stranger: "Why do you insist on having the guy with the spray-painted hair on your site. It's so degrading and self effacing.


Phil: Good morning XXXXXXX,

While everyone is entitled to their opinions, we are having a problem understanding why seeing him bothers you so deeply that you feel the need to write us an email at 2am to say "ICK." Allow us to give you a little background on that "guy."

First, his name is Francois Sagat - recently there was an exhibition on him at The Museum of Art and Design here in New York. Second, that is a tattoo, not spray paint. Third, he is one of our friends and will always be one of our models. Fourth, if you think you can be a more effective model, please forward your portfolio to us at



thongtied said...

David and Phil:
I don't know if I could have managed a professional response like Phil's. I am fiercely defensive of my friends, and what Phil did on behalf of you and the company was totally the right thing to do. I doubt if the twat will even remember after waking up from his drug-addled haze, what he did, or even understand what Phil just stated so succinctly and perfectly on his repines. He even uses the term "self-effacing" incorrectly (undedicated louts tend to see degradation everywhere it seems). It was a commendable thing to do. So--Kudos to Phil and You for being real friends to Francy!

Eric Arvin said...

Go, Phil!

Jim said...

A very proper & effective read :)

Erik said...


Rainbow said...

I have two words ... OH SNAP!

Mathias N Oz said...

I'm not sure how anyone can feel anything but lust when looking at Sagat?

Stanimal5 said...

And the tattoo is obviously perfect because it's skin tight like the clothing.

Mathieu said...