Sunday, January 22, 2012

The cold makes for interesting looks....

Its FREEZING and DAMP outside and normally it wouldn't be so bad if you lived in a place where you drove around in a car, but I live in Manhattan so I WALK everywhere I go. So, when its FREEZING and DAMP outside it extra sucks hard. SO, when I see a guy on the street wearing a ski mask, I get it, when I notice there is a beret on top of the ski mask I ALMOST GET IT MORE, but what I DONT GET is why if he is so cold that he has to wear a SKI MASK WITH A BERET ON TOP LIKE GRACE JONES IN VIEW TO A KILL is he also wearing SHORTS?! He was wearing a ski mask, a beret on top of the mask, and DENIM SHORTS!... wow. I actually ran home to blog this.

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