Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I just got back from Montreal.

I dont have time/interest to write a full synopsis but Montreal was sorta weird. It was convenient and cute but a strange mix of things. It didnt seem blended but like a HEARTY STEW of things functioning amongst one another. It was SKANK drunk girls with BEER in cocktail dresses and heels, because it was New Years Eve so there were SKANKS with BEER in TUBE DRESSES EVERYWHERE on EARTH that night, but the other days it was like people dressing for the cold that are from the "wilderness" so you cant distinguish them from the homeless which I was surprised at how many there were and meth seems to be a problem there as they were SKETCHED OUT, this element of french minority people like Africans and North Africans who came from France and were VERY different from the WHITE PEOPLE WALKING AROUND IN PAJAMAS. The guys were pretty cute though not buff but ASSY and SURLY. The look is very shaved head with scruff for guys which is cute.
It gets dark very early and the city, sky, and landscape is sorta all a color palette from lichen to ash so theyve done some cute things with lighting at night to make it interesting and I thought the skyline was actually kinda pretty and cute. Our hotel for example had this variety of projections on the entire building that you could control from the bouncy boxes outside in the public park which was actually quite cool.
Yes the have naked strippers which was cute but "eh." Im not about to pay to have a guys ass in my face that I cant even lick. OH ... OH and I forgot a MAJOR portion of the city AND THE STRIP CLUBS were OLD PEOPLE.. like REALLY OLD people.. LOTS OF THEM. Walking around the STREET , notice I dont say streets because everything is on one street basically, you dont see many people except the tourists which were in huge numbers. In fact the only people on the street besides the homeless were US and CARSON KRESLEY and this porn star whos name I dunno. Everyone in the know is in these tunnels that sorta function like shopping malls and intertwine. It felt similar to Minneapolis and their set up except at times it felt exactly like the Parisian Subway system.
Yeah sum it up in a nutshell.. Cold as hell, cute for a night, people were nice/fine, everyone is underground in the shopping tunnels, LOTS OF OLD PEOPLE, creative use of lighting, is that a homeless person or just a person person.

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