Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I wrote an a little essay on STEROIDS for Das Einhorn..

I wrote this little essay/diary on taking steroids for Das Einhorn (which means Unicorn in German). I talk about what it feels like, why Ive done it, what the different mones do etc etc. I think its pretty informarmative and honest and maybe a little funny. You can pick one up HERE. Its only 6$ and if you put it on your coffee table you'll look smart and indie and artsy etc. Its like Butt magazine but not sold at American Apparel so its legit.


Braver said...

Grear to share with us this! is good to know all effects!

gavin said...

I didn't realize this was written and edited by Paul Bookstaber, formerly of The Sword, until I saw the article on The Sword!

Paul is how I found out about House of Vader and S.I.U.

He is hilarious and I will subscribe to a stupid print format if I have to!