Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Im am?!.... Well Thats exciting?!

From the New York Times Article HERE: And this summer, Boffo is bringing in the fetish-wear designer David Mason Chlopecki to build a welcome gate near the ferry dock at Fire Island Pines.

Now this is funny for a couple reasons 1. Ive never even been to Fire Island 2. I think it would be totally fierce that even if I did build some form of Welcoming gate I would STILL never go. 3. I was asked to design something but it wasnt a gate and I didnt think it was even happening. 4. If one of you readers out there hadnt told me about this I wouldnt have even known:) Thank you !


Sue said...

Oh well, there is not such thing as bad publicity! ;)

David Mason said...

Oh I wasnt upset at all I was just like ..."Oh?!"

orlando said...

Who cares about this when your swimsuit pics are up on :)

swine said...

It's pretty flattering. Guess he thinks mentioning ur name will get him some buzz.

Fire Island -- yawn. I'd rather see u doing something w/the Statue of Liberty.