Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This is the reason why I dont like modern art

THIS is the most amazing, imperative, phenomenal piece of art ive seen in a while. This is REAL. All other modern artists are FAKE. This is TRUE ART. The reason why I dont like going to modern art museums is because HE ISNT SINGING THERE. This person is HONEST, most other artists are FUCKING FAKES and HE PROVES IT just by existing!! I LOVE this person. If I was the king of the world Id make the planet watch him and pay TYTHE TO HIM!
Thank you weird French child with twin-esqu brother! Youre the most modern thing in the world right now. Im not even kidding. The sound, the visuals, the performance all of it is high art. This video clip is smarter then anything at MOMA.
I watch these queens clips and every time I think "This bitches future gets better every day?!" Its so fantastic to watch this. Do you know what kinda looks this person is gonna pump as an adult?! We actually get to watch the process happen of him transforming into a super villain before our very eyes. Hes gonna make Tilda Swinton look COMMON AS AN ONION ROLL!
Dalida on the wall behind him, the WITCH WIZARD PUPPET pinned to the wall?! I CANNOT WAIT till this kid gets to his angry phase its gonna be SO GOOD, omg is it gonna be AMAZING... I just hope the camera is rolling when he tears that shelving unit down in a mad rage set to Lady Gagas latest single of 2014, you know the one where she rips of Wendy O' Williams look.
I thank Francois and Gabriel at Gremlinzis Den for finding him a while ago!!!

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Paco said...

you made me watch this clip which otherwise would be just rubbish to me. consider yourself the new MOMA.

je t'aime mon p'tit david