Sunday, February 5, 2012

Battle of the weird.

If the Super Bowl was like this, nobody would watch the Super Bowl... but me.


Jim said...

I adore Eartha Kitt :) She gave a wonderful talk at the Gay & Lesbian Center in NYC about 2 years before she passed and was fantastic.
Also, I love, Love, LOVE Linda Dano...I'll admit it, I was addicted to that show and think she's the epitome of a beautiful woman (and smart, too)!

fang said...

David (video 3) is a cherished friend of mine! :)

Lawrence said...

Shaye St. John videos are such a hoot. If Shaye has died, as it says on the internet, it's sad that there wont be any new videos, but I cherish the ones that were made. Thank you for turning me on to Shaye St. John!