Monday, February 13, 2012

Fetish reveals at the gym... a common sighting.

Today at my new gym Equinox which is a little too conservative for me, but I think good for a change, I saw a business man getting dressed. He wasn't hot and Im not sure if he was gay. He had a "masochists body", meaning a wide flat ass, this is CLINICAL Im not being cunty, khakis and a blue button down, the standard "business effect". He turned around and had multiple whip marks across his back. They were DEFINITELY whip marks they were not like marks from equipment and he wasn't just back from SPELUNKING either. You know damn well he got off on being exposed. This wouldn't be the first time Ive seen fetish "shame" exposure happen at the gym. The gym is SO a fetish scene for chubby dudes. I mean its a fetish scene for all dudes, all performing different shows, but for chubby dudes its a SHAME SCENE. One time a 19th st gym which was a more serious meat head gym a fat guy in a suit came running out of the locker room onto the gym floor like a BABY with his hands in the air wearing GINCH GONCH ( aka CHILDRENS) underwear and was TRYING IT by acting FALSY SHOCKED that someone had "stolen his clothes!?!" as he exposed himself to me and all the trainers. NOBODY FELL FOR IT. Nobody was even shocked or even REACTED, he didn't even get a LAUGH that he could jerk off about later. EVERYONE knew it was FETISH TRYORY... Which was fierce. The guy SORTA DOES deserve to be punched in the face though for passive agressively forcing his fetish on us. Its basically the same thing as a FLASHER. It is a violation, but you CANT punish him because THATS WHAT HE WANTS... I just wonder what trainer he was paying to make that scene happen. He must have been embarrassed that his john went too far, that or he bought him a motorcycle and he had to let the gimp off the chain to get nuts for good behavior.
p.s One time I saw an Israeli guy, you could tell by the white belt and gross embroidered jeans and tight fitted "fashion athletic shoe, you know what Im talking about like NOT a sneaker but NOT a shoe either but ALL WRONG but eurotrash seems to think is ok" and he took off his shirt and he had a swastika and I THINK like some Nazi Eagle tattooed on his back. People LOVE doing FETISH REVEALS in the locker room.
p.p.s The pic is of uber hot Will Helm working out our neon tank which you can get at SLICK IT UP.

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Jay said...

This is why I'm kinky and into that sort of thing but would NEVER do it in public. It's like raping people's eyes.