Friday, February 17, 2012

The new Jeremy Scott Collection uses Slick It Ups old material

I can't blame him. It was a rad material... I WONDERED WHERE IT WENT?! The last 6 yards went to her I guess. Lord knows thats all he needs, they'll sell MAYBE a pair of those pants... MAYBE a pair.. and give the other two pair to Jake Shears and some young black child that skate boards and does "street art". I can't name one because I don't follow hip hop but you know what I mean. They're all over manhattan. TRYING IT on skateboards...Back in my day, the PLEISTOCENE ERA, black children had RAGE! and PRIDE?!...I guess people are happier nowadays... Who knew all it'd take was a SKATE BOARD and PURPLE HEADPHONES!?


Faz said...

that collection is so juggalo-chic

brando said...

bitch this ain't ROOTS! hahaha! Black culture as told through television!