Friday, February 10, 2012

New Slick It Up Adirondack Tee

For those of you unaware of what the Adirondacks are they are a MAGICAL MOUNTAIN RANGE made of ICE CREAM and CANDY where unicorns once ran free and dragons and WYVERNS live in the CAVES OF PURPLE CRYSTALS!!!
or.... They're a mountain range in Upstate New York bordering Canada and Vermont where Phil and I happen to be from. It also happens to be where the MOHAWK and MOHICAN and ADIRONDACK Indians were from and they were our high school mascot and the colors were red and black. So Im going back to my roots and serving a fetishy tribute to my homeland.
Fun fact of the day "Adirondack" is a derogatory term meaning BARK EATER which the tribes in the FERTILE Hudson Valley called the tribes where Im from because they were living in the mountains where there wasn't as much food so they had to "eat tree BARK"..... The Mohawk Indians were fierce though and obviously "invented" the mohawk hair cut. Yes Im from a land of natural born PUNKERS!... werk.

Pick up the tee at SLICK IT UP NOW. Its printed on 50/50 so it fits awesome btw.


Ben Brower said...

My parents and my younger brother went to GFHS. Can I get this in a thong?

David Mason said...