Monday, February 27, 2012

The PERFECT SWIMSUIT new at Slick It Up

The perfect swimsuit in wet look HOT PINK or TURQUOISE. Pick one up at SLICK IT UP now at a discount using coupon code "houseofvader"


James said...

Hey David, I was gonna grab the pink swimsuit and the New York neon/black t-shirt but I don't see it listed on the site. Did you guys discontinue it?

David Mason said...

The New York Neon Shirt was LIMITED EDITION! When I say that, I mean it!! I don't just say buy it now cause there aren't gonna be anymore as a sales trick!! :) We sold out and now its done :( The new neon tanks are pretty awesome though!

Lucien said...

Yes I just got another order filled recently and when you get the taste neon type shirts you got the best! I know you gotta get it when you see it on SIU its prime prime prime hotness in very item I have and I have a lot ! :-) All my freinds too get wonderful gifts with SIU