Friday, February 10, 2012

Sorry I haven't been posting much I'm super busy shooting "slick it up home" and moving into an office space!

Im renting the space across the hall now as well. Slick It Up now will have a proper office with a spare bedroom for guests. Im very excited. "Slick It Up Home" won't be called Slick It Up home and will be marketed to everyone men and women, gay and straight. The pics on the site will have nobody or a girl mostly maybe one with a dude like this. i can also put a couple of the products on Slick It Up. I know it sounds weird but the matte black neoflex "blackout" curtains look sorta amazing and the sheets and pillows are awesome too.
My friend who was at the shoot just took this pic with her iPhone its not for the site but I actually thought it was pretty good especially for an iPhone pic. It captures what the look will be.... AKA... MY APARTMENT.


Malibu Eric said...

Best of luck with SIU Home. I hope for world wide domination of the marketplace. Cheers!

Stanimal5 said...

The throw pillows that look like little bungs are amazing.

Jim said...

Can't wait :) I, also, love those little throw pillows!