Sunday, March 11, 2012

I bought a Shamrock Shake for Olde Tyme Sake...

It was delicious but I couldn't drink the whole think so I put it in the freezer and I can't believe it froze properly and is YUMMY AGAIN?! I recommend the Shamrock Shake.
That said I do not support ANYTHING else St Patricks day themed as its is really just the unofficial/unrealized STRAIGHT PRIDE DAY. Barf me out. If I was straight Id hate straight pride day sooo much, waaaaay more then I could possibly dislike gay pride here even. I mean what an embarrassment. There is NOTHING cool about Straight Pride day. Its like gay pride if you removed anything creative, pretty, sexy, or fun and made everyone fat and hateful and deeply unhappy and then took away their drugs and gave them SHITTY BEER to self medicate......... being gay or simply being CULTURALLY GAY rules.

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