Tuesday, March 20, 2012

So I just went to the premiere of the Hunger Games....

Tony Danza was there, a bunch of celebrities were there too (Oh re-reading this I realize I just separated Tony Danza from normal celebrities... mean!).... but not MONA.... WHY NOT Katherine Helmond!!?! If Tony Danza gets to come MONA should be carried in on a throne!!?!!!...

The main girl actress I like. She sorta reminds me of my mom in a full lip/cheek sorta way. She's very "Helga Pictures" and so was my mom but both were prettier then Helga.
I have to say that because my mothers voice is in my head and she requires that preface. The main girl is a good actress too.
The costumes in the city looked very "Project Runway" to me though meaning HEAVY HANDED and GOOPEY.... but I dunno they were almost Victorian in style and maybe that could be a look post apocalypse?? I dunno.. the "funky" facial hair was lame but again Im a little more seasoned then a teenage girl and to a teenage girl Im sure its all mega awesome. I am not the demographic so its really not what I think at all. The main love interest boy is cute. I like his little sad puppy eyes. Those eyes always kill me. Everyone I think is cute has those eyes, my old bf, and this Slick It Up model from Paris has them too. That said the main love interest child is a PEA POD in real life. Like he sleeps in a WALNUT SHELL and DANCES ON A THIMBLE for cardio. It was sorta hard seeing him as how my friend described him in the book once you've seen him in the flesh. The main girl in the flesh is TITTIER then anticipated.
Considering the movie was about CHILD DEATH I think it was pretty well done. As a boy I think it could have used a teeny bit more action, like hand to hand combat, but as a gay I thought it could have used some shirtless hand to hand combat or female fetishistic sadism like a high heel to the throat or something... Dykes are gonna go BAT SHIT for Catness (the main girl) she's grungy AND a phallic woman... I think gays would like her more when she's more stylized and older, right now she's a little too "earthy". I did giggle though because there is one scene where she's corseted and its extreme, like ONE SHOT where she walks away and I giggled out loud. It was more extreme then I anticipated, her waist was quite thin and her ass was quite large. I would have liked it if she stayed in that outfit the entire movie but the girls and lesbians (and yes I just consciously separated GIRLS from LESBIANS... mean!.. as if ONE lesbian reads my blog.. if they do.. SORRY you're different from the others I apologize!)
The movie is well done I think and it will be a success. I wonder what the fans of the book will think. Everything is sorta riding on Catness and I think she did a very good job.


Sue said...

See, that is what bothers me about the books and this film, they are about child death. It reminds me of "The Lottery", which as you know is a short story about how a small town assures a good harvest by killing one person by stoning a year. Of course, my twin sister, [whom I think of as kind of cold hearted] loved the books! But her favorite book of all time is "A Thousand Splendid Suns". Talk about depressing! The book details women's plight in Afghanistan and also a daughter who is rejected by her father [just like my twin thinks she was]. Well, enough about my fucked up family! But I don't know if I will spending my $ to see this movie when there is no male nudity to recommend it. Boo! Thanks for your review!


JamTheCat said...

I have to agree with Sue on this. The very idea of the book and movie read "prurient" to me and no way will I give them my cash. Not that it matters; I'm not their demographic, either.

And it's funny I should feel this way, considering some of the books I've written. I guess I'm turning into a curmudgeon.