Thursday, March 22, 2012

That unicorn is here FOREVER.. Latest inspiration from a gay mag in Montreal

When I did the unicorn image with Exterface there were MANY messages behind it. Which is why I think its so successful because A LOT of people have gotten something out of it. One of the ideas was "Be whatever you want to be". I was thinking "Why do gays just always dress up as a LADY? Like why is drag a WOMAN always, like why don't we have lip synching ALIENS or UNICORNS? Which is why Ive done both fantasy creatures because in my mind if you're gonna don some get up and be something that you want WHY LIMIT YOURSELF TO BEING A BORING OLD WOMAN?! There are already like FOUR BILLION on the planet, its really not very exciting.. SO I dressed up like a UNICORN because in my mind it was NEW and HONEST and CREATIVE and FUNNY and SEXY even. Nobody was dressing up as a FETISH UNICORN but in my head I was like "Unicorns are total fetish objects and the HEIGHT of FANTASY KOOKERY and it would be a source of EMBARASSMENT as a child to say you liked unicorns as a boy, and being GAY was a source of embarrassment as a child so lets be BOTH... VERY BOLDLY and watch what happens!"
I have talked about this fuckin unicorn TOO MUCH already but it just won't die so it needs to be addressed I guess.
I was hoping people might be inspired to be anything they wanted but it seems like most people just want to be THAT DAMN UNICORN... Im happy about this FOR SURE, but I'd like to see other stuff. Why not a MUSHROOM or a CENTAUR or a CENTAUR ON A MUSHROOM?.. This is why I like Francois.. he has DANCING CARROTS in his show. That makes TOTAL SENSE TO ME!!!


Papa Tony said...

The reason why your imagery sticks around (I've sent you the picture from this last halloween showing two guys together in the same Unicorn gear) is because it has become wonderfully iconic. As soon as I saw the "pink unicorn guy", it became imprinted forever on my retinas.

Pretty soon, there will be hundreds… THOUSANDS of men in the same outfit, and they will ALL be wearing UNICORN UNIFORMS!

Sue said...

You are the one, the only, original UNICORN! Everyone else is an copier of you! To my mind, no one does it better! Don't forget, that copycats are the best compliments that one can give! but I think that you've already pointed that out.

Anonymous said...

Well, I think the reason the Unicorn is being reproduced is exactly because it is something "NEW" (more or less when it comes to time, but in terms of IDEAS, it is!).
My approach, when I first saw it was that of the trained art lover (my own father being a professional artist, having done the Beaux-Arts de Paris and graduating in arts from a Paris University took care of my artistic sense). And I was like "Hmmm this really has something to it! There will definitely be an impact, whatever the background of the person who happen to see the Unicorn and whatever shape it takes afterwards".
I think this comes from the human's tendency to VISCERALLY NEED models. Subsequently, this creates the need for other humans to "LATCH on" said models and reproduce these until we only want to vomit (alright, maybe I am exaggerating a little here). As previous comments pointed out, the Unicorn has become -although it was not intended at first- ICONIC. Which is the general problem of innovative ideas every icon is being reproduced, whatever the field that's considered (art, music, litterature, movies etc.).
Don't let yourself be overly bothered by it. Let it slide. You know, deep down, you CREATED the concept which, in itself, is what mattered. You "fathered" the idea and launched something. In a way that makes you -and I am not saying that as some kind of arse-licker to flatter your ego- the GOD of all unicorns, making you the ONE AND ONLY, others being tentative copies that CANNOT rival you. Bloody Hell, even somethings as mainstream as Glee and The Ellen Show "talked" about it -not really talked per se, but I think you get what I mean.
Sue summed it up in her comment and I will be a little bold and copy her own lines (I hope you do not mind?) as it is exactly what I think "Everyone else is a copier of you! To my mind, no one does it better! Don't forget, that copycats are the best compliments that one can give!"
That was one long comment, I know, but I never said things only in a few words ("Always elaborate" has been drilled into my head for the past 7 years of my time at university). I tried to be constructive and bring my thoughts! ^^'

JamTheCat said...

Oy...cultural icon, you. And rightly so.

DropDeadDivas said...

Unicorns and Pixie Dust are for you on :