Wednesday, April 11, 2012

sorry for not being interested or interesting lately

I am so bored of looking at things. I feel like Ive reached terminal capacity for looking at things. I don't know why per say but I have zero interest in seeing stuff, high fashion editorials, porn, stupid grubs online, all of it. I dunno why, I also don't know what Im interested in for the moment if Im not interested in visuals. This is most likely due to me getting a letter from my accountant saying "Im sorry to bring you bad news but you owe a lot of cash." ..... boo. but whatever, I obviously don't like paying large taxes but I like not having any debt what so ever so Im happy to pay it all. Growing up my dad would constantly claim to have no money because of taxes. He was fuckin liar. He just gambled it all away. I always believed him until I became an adult myself and realized EVERYONE owes taxes. He acted like it was only him. Im thankful I can pay my bills. Its so nice to know Im not my dad. Gimme the bill, I'll pay it, thanks. I need to thank him for being a negative motivator for good behavior.


Sue said...

Well, the upside of paying lots of taxes is that it means you made lots of money! Feel better? I didn't think you would! LOL! It didn't help me feel any better the year I made the most money I ever did either!

Not to worry... Spring is here and flowers are blooming. You will feel better over time. Relax. Take stock. Life is good. The world is still your oyster.

Jim said...

Love the picture :) Sorry you owe taxes but glad you can pay them! Sue gives good advice :) My advice: Instead of looking at things, listen to Grace Jones and dance around your apartment (clothing optional, LOL)!!!