Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Is that a BOW?! The new Catwoman outfit is fine... but not exciting.

I actually like Anne Hathaway but is that a BOW?! a BOW?! and why a GUN?! I think the mask must be Batmans and she steals it or something cause it looks like his.
If I were asked to do Catwoman costume I would incorporate grey and purple or maybe red and purple even. Id do two options, a black and grey version with purple accents influenced minimally by Bast the Egytian cat goddess and it would be more FASHION oriented like draped leather and Claude Montana and Alaia in design and have obvious LABELS to reference the money she has acquired through cat burglary and that kind of "dirty money" people want to spend fast and on labels to counter balance the feeling of being a degenerate like how CALL GIRLS buy label shoes and bags so they feel they have VALUE and aren't a whore- except of course it only makes it obvious they're a whore... which is fierce.
, or an all out new weird one with latex fetishistic elements that was a purple base with red and not even look at any other catwoman for design and go WEIRD with it and do like a mirror lens face mask and be more influenced by Geiger and Miyake then the comic. Either of the outfits could have a MOIRÉ effect to the bodysuit which I think would be nice when she moves. The boots would be solid and the gloves would have some kind of clever detailing. Gloves lend themselves to clever detailing nicely. Perhaps the purple and red suit would be clear purple latex with a solid red banding on it to cover the erogenous zones.... Catwoman makes sense in French. UPDATE:.... BARF its EARS... EARS???!?! Like a drunk girl on Halloween??!! Thats AWFUL! Unless she snags them off some sloppy girl on Halloween Im gonna hate this look. Like this look now just became a set along with a NURSE and Raggety Anne.... I have faith the movie is gonna be awesome. I have faith its all gonna make sense but just based on the visual alone Im thinking "Why has nobody got Catwoman right for 20 years??"


wavingpalms said...

I always wanted a Catwoman costume to involve some of that hyperspecific military jacket fetish kookery- like the Buzz Rickson's MA-1s, made BY obsessives FOR obsessives, that are made exactly the same as they were in 1957? Those guys get all nutty about how much the seam is gathered on the sleeves, and the right kind of zippers... the nylon comes close to the sort of moire that you'd mentioned, and it'd be a neat way to be both sexy AND utilitarian.

Anonymous said...

Ugh! I have so much to say about this, but I think you already said it. I saw this yesterday and thought it was a joke. Yawn and blech. I cannot design ANYTHING to save my life, but when I saw this I honestly thought, "Oh, I wish someone would hire Dave to do this because it would be mind blowing." All also wondered what would have to happen in order for you to redecorate my house, but that's an entirely different story.

Marsyas said...

Wow Blogger is such a pain to post comments on!

Her "ears" are actually part of her glasses she can pull up or down, when they're up they form cat-ish ears and when down they're like high tech sunglasses thingy...
I find the whole thing whacky but we'll see how it works in the movie.

Anyway, when you described a costume with mirror lens face mask and purple latex I couldn't help but thinking about the fierce Tali'Zorah from the Mass Effect games ( )
And about the french cartoon "Belphegor" who used to flip me out so much when I was a kid: egyptian ghost turned parisian supervillain realness! ( )

Anonymous said...

There was Julie Newmar and Michelle Pfeiffer, those where the only cutting edge catwomen, and the fact that burton's aesthetic influenced EVERYBODY in some way or another for the past 20 years makes relevant to add a latex or vynil look to the new catwoman who should also be another actress. Eartha Kitt rocked too, but the Catwomen of the Century (and apparently of this new century too) will allways be Julie and Michelle.