Monday, April 9, 2012

Why am I at such a loss for words lately???

I dunno, two things I've noticed lately in my gay world are this: 1. I have never actually experienced SKEEZERS in my life, aka CLEAN UP WOMEN. Honestly never in my life had I experienced gay guys to be skeezers and go after your man, or try and cock block you and get the man you like, or try and steal your man or any of the GENERAL TRYORY but lately it seems like everyone I know is dealing with SKEESISM?! I think its the influence of "HOUSEWIVES" TELEVISION thats turning people into skanky skeezers. Is this happening everywhere in the world? Is it only NYC, or is it finally that my friends are getting old and DESPERATE so they're trying STUNTS and SHOWS??? Hmmmmmmm... 2. I have had three queens talk about three "famous" gays and say that the famous gays are into scat. Now I am not gonna judge someones fetishisms at all but what I think its strange is that I haven't heard this for a long time and now all these gays are going around talking about every famous gay and saying they're into scat. To me its SHADY because you don't know it and its said as a DIG and to ME I think that saying a guy is into scat as a dig is like a straight person saying a guy is GAY as a dig. I just don't think its a good idea to play that game because it rings of too much finger pointing and if you are gonna say that HOW DO YOU KNOW?! I mean its not conversation someone makes at Starbucks so if you know this you HAD TO HAVE BEEN THERE?! I dunno I just think its shady cause its just so very 7th grade kind of finger pointing. Its very "He's a bad gay, Im a good gay. I wipe my dick off when I stick it in a guys butt and when he starts PUMPING MUD he likes it" ... You're ALL GAY and by the majorities standard they see us all as scat queens and child molesters so I really don't think its a great thing to read someones freaky fantasies as BAD when by most peoples standards even the most vanilla gay sex is considered SATANIC PRACTICE.
I know Im a day late with this pic but I LOVE it!!! Thank you Herodotus


Jim said...

First, I LOVE the picture, seriously funny! And then, second, I agree about Real Housewives behavior...I'll also add I see people everyday thinking they're more than what they are (with more ego than anyone is entitled to) and they're the type walking around thinking they're some sort of superstar in their head and that gives them the right to be rude or loud or shitty...I'd like to think we're all just trying to get on with it in this world so they need to stop with the drama. (Jim leaving soapbox now, LOL!)

youreviltwin said...

i LOVE the dude i'm with but he's all inexperienced with enemas and i was banging him and all of a sudden there was a beige puddle on my blue blanket... but it's all good. it's a mishap. he was mortified, and that's a good sign. its'not like some secret like "OOPS,I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT HAPPPENED!" i tease him about it, but i'm like 'UM, sweetie, you tried to hard. you need two doses, not seven, so everything you've eaten for the last twenty four hours has been rendered non-nutrient waste,' he's sweet, and seriously, what an amazing ass. i can wash that shit. as it were.