Saturday, May 19, 2012


PICK IT UP NOW AT SLICK IT UP The perfect black swimsuit! We wanted to design a swimsuit that read as something a Bond villain or a bad guy in G.I Joe (COBRA) would wear, so we designed this black on black python skin suit. The suit has a sculpting butt and contour pouch with a python skin pattern to the body and a solid black waistband and black with chrome tipped drawstring. Its great because it offers something very sexy, classic, and exciting while still remaining understated and masculine. From far away it looks just solid black and then when you get close you see the sheen of the snakeskin which adds some "POP" and is a cool little conversation starter and says "Im classic but also more than you may have anticipated." You may have noticed at Slick It Up we like our clothes to be like our clients, smart, edgy, sexy, sharp, and to have a little surprise or twist to them. This suit is our latest surprise package and will make you look and feel like that super hot bad guy that you've always looked up to.

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Lucien said...

Cannot wait to get mine and a spare too Dave thanks !