Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I am the KELLY GRAY of Fetish!?!

Remember this old turkey! She was EVERYTHING but also SUCKED! Kelly Gray I guess was the daughter of Marie Gray ( whom we'd never known of if the ad didn't mention her name) and then I guess became the CEO of ST. JOHN?! The clothing label to the ladies who don't quite lunch, but have a husband who might be a dentist. St. John was the BUICK of Fashion, not quite Chanel, not really YSL, but would like to be considered. St John was PRESENT but not exactly CONTRIBUTING. Kelly Gray was the model and in the early 00s Kelly was the Wheres Waldo of Fashion. Shed turn up in every issue of Vogue at some new SPLASHY LOCALE! Like SYDNEY HARBOR or the BORGATTA or SITCHES! She wasn't just the model she was the CEO GOD DAMMIT!! She was living like it was the 80s! POWER WOMAN REALNESS.. She sucked but she sorta ruled for this TRYORY. She's sorta ME. Putting herself in the role of the model and going to exotic locations and serving red hot photo shoots as if she's RED HOT and EVERYONE wants to shoot this FRESH FACE! Where is she now???? LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU!
Look she even wears sheer black sleeves scoop back numbers to the Casino like me! She bedazzled hers before I got the chance, and thats why SHE is the LADY BOSS!

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