Friday, May 25, 2012

I forgot mention I dressed like a monster that was caught in a fire in a children's bedroom and did psychic readings a week ago.

I was asked to partake in the Collage Arts Festival in Philadelphia. The theme was OPULENCE. So I decided to wear a sweater dress that I lit on fire and then a gas mask with AFRICAN LADY hair extensions and on top of that a RAMS SKULL and THEN Id do GLITTER AND GARBAGE READINGS... I would just take peoples hand and do ridiculous gestures to harken ancient spirits and Whitney houston and then make up shit. I was surprised to find people took me SERIOUSLY. How could you possibly take a man wearing a dress with SMOLDERING STUFFED ANIMALS that had fused to a PINK SWEATER DRESS seriously! Its their fault... I made my self look AS CRAZY AS POSSIBLE.


Anonymous said...

How did I.

David Mason said...