Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New SNEAKER SMASH Tee at Slick It Up

Click on SLICK IT UP to pick up the tee. Who doesnt love using a guys face as footrest for your high tops?! I sure do! One of the great things about this tee is that its printed glossy black on "majesty" which is the PERFECT PURPLE, not the standard T-shirt purple color, and this is especially great because the illustration is pretty FILTHY but because its a dark ink on a dark shirt its hard to figure out what it is unless you give the person time to figure it out, and then when they do... SLURP. So the shirt is great for the gym or the club. There is an exception to this experience though. If the guy happens to be a sneaker fetishist or just a subby pig he figured out what it was twenty feet away and thats why he just bought you a drink but didnt even mention it yet. Seriously I wore this shirt while sneaker shopping and this BIG THUG that you would never expect to even notice your t-shirt turned to me and smiled and said "NICE SHIRT." I sorta gagged. The shirt is a dick magnet.

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