Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The new sport shorts have a CLEAR VYNIL PINSTRIPE on the side?!

I made these shorts cause I wanted a perfect gym/club/summer short. We all like the look of a basketball short but they don't function so well because they never have zippers on the pockets so every time you lay down at the gym to do bench or something your stuff falls out AND at a club you can't dance because everything falls out or gets STOLEN. These shorts are longer cut, have seaming on the butt to make it look bubbly and AND they have a SUPER SUBTLE but TOTALLY GENIUS ( If i do say so myself) totally CLEAR stripe down the side that goes all they way up. Most people don't even catch it because they're not expecting something like this on a basketball short so its nice because nobody questions it BUT if you want to you can wear a jock and the people can see the straps, or NOTHING or just your underwear and its cute cause it just shows this little sliver of color. You can wear them ANYWHERE. Pick them up at Slick It Up for a discount now!


wavingpalms said...

New model in those last two shots of the new shorts might be not shabby! (but I'd have to see him in some SIU thongs to be absolutely sure).

Jake said...

Oh my, that clear stripe IS genius! Do want.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the clear stripe. I hope it will make a return in other shorts or pants. However, the trim as your signature butt seam looks like a caricature of your work. Anyhow I'm glad they sold out!