Thursday, June 14, 2012

Slick It Up now has a Tumblr Site... I dunno if you knew that.

Its like house of Vader minus the writing and heavier on the creative stuff. To visit click HERE The SHARK TANK at the Kuwait science center collapsed..... God is awesome for that. I mean an escalator in the desert to a SHARK PIT is GENIUS.... One time when I was a CHILD my mom took me to the Boston Aquarium. It had a large circular tank which at the time was totally open and full of SHARKS, now its like a coral reef, there was a ramp that spiraled up the sides of the circular tall tank to the top which was COMPLETELY OPEN. My mother and I were up there as a woman had a baby in like a car seat type thing. The woman casually placed the baby on the EDGE, which was about five inches wide, and WALKED AWAY. I can't remember exactly what happened but I know there was yelling and my mom may have grabbed the baby. It was a very early lesson that some women wanna kill their baby and blame it on others. I saw it with my own CHILD EYES!!! Then outside I lost my balloon as I looked at seals.... but thats not as interesting as a murderous mom trying to play the victim.


Leprechaunvict said...

Wow, crazy about shark-mom. I sometimes wonder about that when I see teen moms pushing their strollers into the street without checking traffic first before crossing.

Anyhow, the pic with the escalator is photoshopped and was part of a local Toronto meme from June 1st when the main train station flooded and had to be shut.

Ben said...

Hey, David, I really like your tumblr blog, but do you have the option to enable comments on there? I don't know why tumblr doesn't have that option automatically, but you may be able to set it up depending on your chosen design.

More info:

Matt Lenzman said...

I subscribed to your Tumblr via RSS after you first announced it. I follow all Tumblrs through their RSS feeds, but I'm in the great minority.

Good for my purpose, but as it stands, the usual Tumblr "Follow" button doesn't appear on your blog. Without that, you probably have far fewer followers than you should.

In fact the theme you're using isn't displaying any of the usual Archive/Ask/etc., choices.

Maybe you can assign one of your many minions to making your Tumblr fully follower friendly?