Wednesday, June 6, 2012

This insane bitch is the same as all insane killers, Andrew Cunnan, Halle Berry etc..

before you wonder why I say Halle Berry just know she's been CAUGHT doing a hit and run TWICE. So if she's been CAUGHT twice, you know she's done it PLENTY MORE times if she thought she could get away with it after being caught once. SOMETHING must have made the risk seem like a better idea then just owning up to it. I think Halle Berry is an asshole. If she hit and ran my car I'd fuckin PUNCH HER IN THE CUNT AND THEN UPPER CUT TO THE FACE when I caught her... why not? She had her turn, now I get mine... lol Im SO on the mones...Im "catastrophizing" an encounter where I punish Halle Berry for her crimes... this is SO something that seems logical on the mones.... ps... OF COURSE the killer queen who sent parts of people to parliament members is a Madonna fan..... I mean you KNOW she's imagining herself as Madonna in the Truth or Dare video in this clip...


Sue said...

Hmm. You'll look back on this when you are off the 'mones and see just how violent & ranting it is! LOL! Glad you know now!

Martha Stewart said...

Dear David,


You are wasting your time with a cunt-punch. That lady has dated professional athletes. By now, her kitten is road kill.

Me? I prefer the vice grip of a reverse figure 4 head scissors. I understand you'd prefer something more immediate, but they don't trace for inner thigh prints.

Now, if you'll excuse me, something smells like feet and I noticed a bag of Fritos in my new assistant's messenger bag. Time to get the Listerine. Corporate plugs all around.

Martha Stewart

Anonymous said...

Step away from the La Isla Bonita brother. And what Sue said. I kinda want to bake you cookies and wrap you in a warm blanket, but a little afraid you'd strangle me with it at the moment.

wavingpalms said...

This is TOO MUCH... there's an early 90s gay timewarp thing happening, where you feel like he reeks of Obsession and is wearing a Hypercolor tshirt under the bathrobe... and then the TRYORY of a nonsmoker doing PROP-SMOKING (those types that do it never get that it never works, because it always looks WRONG).
And maybe it's just the kind of day I've been having, but you don't sound that ranty to me.