Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Americas Olympic uniforms suck hard... a GIANT POLO LOGO... EWWWWW!

The outfit makes no sense and looks like shitty a American Airlines uniform. A giant Polo logo is TACKY. I mean really tacky. Not only are the uniforms made overseas but they have a big logo on them now... SO CHEAP. The tie is WEIRD, like do they even make ties like that anymore??.. The look is BUSY WITH CRAPPY DETAILS. I immediately just think "Why is a self loathing jew named RALPH LIFSCHITZ, his REAL NAME, allowed to piss his logo and creepy WASP FETISH FANTASY on America?" Mind you wasp fetish fantasies are fierce, I totally get them and really there is SERIOUS COINAGE in delivering that fantasy so I TOTALLY GET IT....BUT... the whole name change thing and not owning the fact that he is NOT anything close to this fantasy is a negative in my book. Chanel looked like her customer, Mugler looked like his customer, I workout five days a week so that there is HONESTY in creations. Im not going to deliver super body conscious clothing and then not be body conscious myself, it would be DISHONEST, in my eyes, and delivering mixed messages to my customers. It would be CONTRARY... I try and be the fantasy I sell so that the product and fantasy attached is AUTHENTIC. I want people to be able to buy something REAL... well I guess Ralph DOES look like his customer... so maybe Im WRONG but I dunno the entire thing seems UNSAVORY to me and I don't like it at all. The TRYORY is just too obvious. I don't like the self loathing part. Im ALL FOR DELIVERING A FANTASY, its what I do for a living, but I dunno Ralph Lifshitz passing himself off as the TOTAL OPPOSITE of what he is creeps me out. Its like flaunting the success of being dishonest and self loathing... but I guess WHAT IS MORE AMERICAN then this entire process?! Maybe Im wrong. Im not saying what I feel is fact and I actually would be interested in someone enlightening me as to why I could be partially wrong but right now Im angry at this outfit and the process and the people behind it!! I really should not get angry about a look but I can't help it. Im highly caffeinated and I love the Olympics!.. WAIT!! I figured out what it is that I don't like! I take back my feelings about having to be what you design. I mean I think it does ad authenticity and thats great but I FULLY SUPPORT anyone delivering any fantasy they want. I love the idea of a closet jew delivery wasp fantasy BUT and its a very important BUT There is a big difference between someone designing a collection that they may have in reality nothing to do with and what Mr Lifshitz is doing. The part thats rubs me the wrong way is that the word FANTASY has NEVER been muttered by Mr Lifshitz. He sells it as REALITY... THATS the part I don't like. Anyone can share ANY fantasy. I think that is healthy and wonderful and creative, and by no means do you have to be what you make BUT you must own up to the fact that it is a FANTASY... I never sell anything as REALITY, I sell it as fantasy ... Mr Lifshitz tries to sell it very much as reality and thats why its self loathing and grosses me out. As a person who dresses up as a unicorn in order break down pre conceived notions and break stereotypes and support fantasy making, I think it would be WEIRD if I said I AM A REAL UNICORN AND YOU SHOULD BE TOO. One of the messages I was trying to send with that image was be your fantasy and don't be ashamed, its fun, its sexy, its great to celebrate an aspect of yourself and clearly its a fantasy, own you're fantasies and celebrate them because they make you "you" and to deny them would be missing out on a lot in life. There is none of this playful reality in Ralph Lauren, its all sold a serious as the wasp fantasy would like you to believe it is itself. This lie is the essence of Tryory... the process of LYING and TRYING IT.
I just hope FRANCE is like "Oh, were playing the branding game now??? POW!.. Chanel... POW! Dior.. WE OWN THE LUXURY BRAND MARKET! DO NOT EVEN TRY IT MR LIFSHITZ!" Seriously, I hate to sound like a conservative but as an American small business owner who produces IN NEW YORK I think this is actually a really gross message. Booo!


Sue said...

Okay, we are ranting, but bitch, truer words have never been said!!! That uniform is stinko!

Malibu Eric said...

Caffeine or not, you couldn't be more spot on - these "outfits" are a complete world class embarrassment!!! I cannot hate them more. The Polo logo...seriously?! Nanette Lepore (who produces all her clothing in the USA) was on CNN this week and called out Mr. Lipschitz. Even Ryan Lochte as model can't save them.

LifeofaFashionPublicist said...

LOVE THIS POST! Also the references of the look are all wrong and absolutely NOT American.

PS: Underneath this comment box it says "choose an identity." So apopro!

Anonymous said...

LOVE THIS POST! It's always bother me too. I'm all for reality and fantasy - isn't "fashion" about bringing fantasy to life? Also the references of this look are all wrong and absolutely NOT American.

PS: Underneath this comment box it says "choose an identity." So apopro!

sobehotfun said...

They look like something Mitt Romney would wear to a dressage event.