Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July Hosebag!

USA USA USA USA #1!!! I chanted this MANY times at WWF matches as a child. The tickets I WON mind you, I forget how though.. I don't think I ever paid for a ticket as a child. There was not a trivia contest or COLORING CONTEST I couldn't win, like AMERICA, I was #1. I made Jason Eldridge CRY when I won tickets to Peter Pan on Ice with my coloring abilities. I won tickets to my first concert, Tina Turner, answering Tina Turner Trivia as an 8 year old! My mother had to make the call though cause you had to be over 18... BUT I KNEW THE ANSWER!!!!


Anonymous said...

Stars and stripes forever! In that order. I love that the lamborghini looks like one of your personal Hot Wheels.

Lucien said...

U do that flag fabric Proud